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Bali has a tropical climate of two main seasons; a hot dry season from April to October, and a humid wet season from November to March. The temperature remains fairly constant throughout the year with an average 29 / 30°C (mid-80°F) in the daytime, falling to a gentle 24 / 25°C (mid-70°F) at night.

Bali weather

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Rainy season

The strength and length of the rainy season vary from year to year, with 2005 having one of the heaviest and longest rainy seasons for several years. When the rains come, it is more often at night time and less often during the day time. On some days, tropical thunderstorms break up the late afternoon heat.

During the dry season from April to October it is common to have a month or more without any rain at all. August and September average just a few rainy days each year, and even the wettest months usually have 10 or more days without rain.

Bali Diving season

Unlike some other Asian diving destinations, the Bali diving season runs 365 days a year. Even during the rainy season there are usually dive sites with conditions suitable for diving.

The best months to dive Bali are April to November when no heavy rains are expected. Visibility is around 30m (100ft) at this time of year. Even during the wettest months visibility seldom falls below 10m (30 ft).

Water temperature information

The water temperature is usually around 28°C (80F) at Tulamben and the Menjangan dive sites.

The dive sites at Nusa Penida and Candi Dasa are often warm too, but steep thermoclines can sometimes bring the water temperature down to the low 20's C (low 70's F), especially from August to October.


Bali is near to the equator and has roughly 80% humidity throughout the year. It becomes a little more humid as the dry season comes to an end from November until March or April. The windy season is from July to September and Bali feels fresher and less humid at this time of year. Stay cool by avoiding the city areas, and moving instead towards the coast to enjoy the cool sea breezes.

Escape to the hills

Many people choose to escape from the humidity for a few days by taking time to enjoy the spectacular scenery of upland Bali. Lying among picturesque foothills, Ubud is noticeably cooler than the main tourist resorts in the South of Bali. Further up into the mountains it can become quite cold at night. It is worth the trip to enjoy some of the most scenic views in Bali.

Let us know if you want a dive vacation package with an additional few days in the hills to relax after your diving program is completed.

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